7 Reasons to eat a balanced diet

You cannot lose weight by joining a gym only, you need to maintain a balance diet too. You should consider hiring a personal trainer London to help you make a customized diet plan including all the nutrients to keep your body healthy and fit. The personalized diet chart can include foods from different groups, like pulses, legumes, grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts etc. 

Alongside, you need to add some dairy products, carbohydrates, healthy fat in your diet plan. In this case, you can try high protein foods like meat, fish, eggs and beans and you can gain carbohydrates from rice, bread, and pasta. Along with that, you can use olive oil for preparing your foods because olive oil has a rich amount of unsaturated fat. Except all of them you must get advice from your personal trainer.

  1. Having a balanced diet can help you avoid certain ailments. If you consume adequate amount of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, you can keep your immune system healthy, and it will help you to fight against any infections. You can prevent cancer, heart diseases, stroke, skin problems and diabetes etc. by maintaining a balanced diet plan.
  2. Following a balanced diet will help you to reduce your weight because healthy foods items help in preventing obesity related issue. Apart from that, you can keep your heart healthy with a balanced diet. According to various research conducted over the years, it has been proven that processed meats including red meats are one of the reasons contributing to the causes of heart attack. You can consume lean meat, however try to avoid red meat as much as possible.
  3. Do you know that eating a healthy and balanced diet can increase your productivity? Brigham Young University conducted a research on twenty thousand workers, and they found that workers maintaining a healthy diet are more active and alert which makes them more productive as compared to people who were not following a diet plan. If you spend at least 30 mins every day on any kind of workout it will keep your fit and alert in whatever type of work you do.
  4. People have the habit of inclining to chocolate when they are stressed or feeling low because dark chocolate has proven to elevate your mood. It contains a compounds called cocoa polyphenols but chocolate is not good for your health, so you can find this similar compound cocoa polyphenols in other food items. Instead of dark chocolate, you can try blueberries, blackberries, peanuts, and cherries. Apart from that, you can have a cup of chamomile tea or rose tea to relieve your stress and lift your mood.
  5. Stress can ruin your life and it is not easy to avoid stressful situations especially at work. Cortisol is a hormone responsible for stress. If you have high level of Cortisol in your body, then you can suffer from muscle cramps, sprain and will also make you put on weight faster. To control your stress level, you need to maintain a balanced diet, and you must add some foods which have omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, and vitamin-C. In this case, you can try plenty of fruits, vegetables, fish, and nuts.
  6. If you want to do your workout on regular basis to stay fit, then you must maintain a balanced diet which can be curate with the help of a personal trainer London. Micro and macro nutrients present in the food can help you to sustain your energy levels for longer period of time. You can run faster to reduce your weight and you can lift heavy weight to build your muscles mass. In this case, you must add more carbohydrates in your diet plan, and you can eat rice, wheat, and whole grains too.
  7. Moreover, you can keep your skin healthy and look younger by eating a balance diet. You can add some antioxidants, Omega-3 acids, and Polyphenols in your diet plan to maintain your skin. In this regard, you can have some fish, fruits, and green vegetables.


Always remember your body is different from others, so what works for them may not work you. Listen you the requirements of your body, talk to a personal trainer London about what are your goals and why do you need a balanced diet. You must avoid sugary drinks and junk foods. You should not eat processed meats, pies, pastries, chips, and soft drinks. Also drink plenty of water every day because water can keep your body hydrated. 

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