The role of Budtenders in the Marijuana Industry

Whenever you visit a cannabis dispensary, there is personnel that will attend to you. The employee is a representative of the brand, and we refer to them as budtenders. They have an in-depth knowledge of the various strains a Star Buds Baltimore Dispensary has. It is beneficial to utilize their services whether you are a regular customer or buying for the first time. 

The Budtender’s Role 

There are several roles budtenders play in the industry. It revolves around ensuring the customer gets the best experience when visiting a cannabis dispensary. They are the individuals you encounter at the store and will attend to your needs.

First, a budtender will welcome a client to a dispensary through greetings and ensure they are comfortable in there. Since individuals are different and some will know what they want while others do not. However, the budtender should initiate the sale. They will inform you about what they offer and the varieties. Apart from telling the client about the plant species and development process, budtenders must educate the consumer on how to consume the product safely. Since it is a requirement for each buyer to produce proof of identification, budtenders must check the legal documents. The objective is to ascertain the person purchasing at Baltimore Dispensary is of the right age. 

Budtenders are versatile, and they do not only have information about the plant. They should know about the local legislation regulating the distribution and consumption of cannabis. The budtender is in touch with the industry and knows what is trending. They have information on new additions to the industries and advancements in consumption techniques. Therefore, they are the best bet whenever you want to have a piece of background information about the industry. Also, when you want to know tips for enjoying your weed consumption, they are suitable individuals to consult. However, doctors are the professionals who can recommend medical marijuana. Instead, they help in record-keeping for patients purchasing medical marijuana. The information is vital in their subsequent treatment plan. A doctor can refer to the records to determine the best approach for a patient’s wellbeing. 

On the other hand, a budtender’s job is to offer the best customer service for clients in a dispensary. The representatives will take your orders and suitably package them depending on what you are buying. They will calculate your needs and weigh the products to help you get the supplies to last a particular duration, depending on a customer’s consumption rate. Finally, they also have to sensitize the user on consuming the product safely. The information includes what to expect and measures to take, especially if it is your first time using it.  


Apart from serving the customer diligently, budtenders have an obligation to keep the business operating as intended. They are the person the management entrusts with running the daily operations of a dispensary. Budtenders handle the cash transactions and clean the spaces to keep them hygienic. Practically, a dispensary would be non-functional without their skills.  


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